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Are you fatigued by the polarization in the world? Are you ready to be Compassion in a suffering world? This program is for your IF you want to use the power of your intent & action to create a daring paradigm of engaged compassion.

Moving through polarization and into authentic compassionate connection doesn’t begin “out there” with others. It begins internally with a change in our self — by consciously connecting our intent to compassionate action. Participating in this online course challenges you to identify how your judgments, assumptions, and beliefs stop you from sharing compassion with yourself and others. But, don’t stop there. Using the metaphor of the bridge, use the power of your intent & action connection to be compassionate to yourself and the world. Create your lived experience of compassion.

Program is designed for participants to join an online community of compassion. Groups of four or more who take the class together receive a free supplemental resource to use in real time community settings. Resource includes 5 compassion meditations, individual reflection prompts, community conversation prompts, 5 community calls to action, and 5 compassion tools.

About the Facilitator:
Vanessa F. Hurst is a compassion consultant, mindful coach, author, and professional speaker. She develops and facilitates results-driven resources for identifying compassion competencies, stakeholder/community building, and organizational culture strengthening. As a mindful coach, she offers Neural Synchrony sessions that bridge her intuition and her client’s. She is the author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action (Wildefyr Press, 2014) and A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships (Wildefyr Press, 2016). Vanessa nationally presents programs featuring compassion, mindfulness, contemplative living, and intuitive awareness. She is the innovator-facilitator of both the Compassion Conversation© and Compassion’s Circle©.

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