2011 | 16th Annual Festival of Faiths | Sacred Air

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Our sweet 16th Festival of Faiths, Sacred Air: Breath of Life, explored our united need for the gift of clean air. The immensity of nature was in scope for the regional premier of Journey of the Universe, and we capped off the festival with a treeplanting ceremony in honor of the lungs of the planet.  

Seder for the Skies kicked off our 16th Festival of Faiths, Sacred Air: Breath of Life. Hosted by Rabbis Joe Rapport and Gaylia Rooks at The Temple in Louisvillethis interfaith observance allowed participants to engage in the prayers, poems, and songs of the Seder 

Our festival meditation room emulated a sacred grove, with each faith tradition hosting a day and sharing their breath in different ways. EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy acknowledged her responsibility and ours to deal with climate change and legacy pollutants. 

Smith, Peter. “Hearing Bad News on 'Sacred Air'.” The Courier-Journal, 5 Nov. 2011, p. B3.

Smith, Peter. “Hearing Bad News on ‘Sacred Air’.” The Courier-Journal, 5 Nov. 2011, p. B3.

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